Tjalling Jacobs WaterbolkAnna Harms LippingNicolaas WiersemaGrietje Hillebrands

Harm Tjalling WaterbolkMaria Nicolaas Wiersema

Tjalling Harm Waterbolk

f a m i l y
Children with:
Beitske Faber
Grietje Abels Sleuver

Nicolaas Waterbolk
Jacob Waterbolk
Hildebrand Waterbolk

Abel Tjallings Waterbolk
Harm Waterbolk
Catharina Waterbolk
Maria Waterbolk
Jacob Nicolaas Waterbolk
Johanna Waterbolk
Tjalling Waterbolk
Maria Waterbolk
Anje Waterbolk
Grietje Waterbolk
Tjalling Harm Waterbolk
  • Born: 17 APR 1820, Mensingeweer
  • Married to Beitske Faber
  • Married to Grietje Abels Sleuver
  • Died: 1900

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